ATR # 75: Is WWE’s Cruiserweight Division Already Doomed?

This week Floyd and Dave discuss the state of WWE’s cruiserweight division after the second week of 205 Live and the horrible crowd response it got on Tuesday night; Cody Rhodes joins the Bullet Club in NJPW; strange days on Raw with Enzo getting naked and beaten, Charlotte delivering a fantastic performance, the devaluing of the US Championship by Roman Reigns, the crime of making Kevin Owens look weak, surprisingly good cruiserwieght segments, and was that a pop for Sheamus after he got a hot tag?; NXT shines with a fantastic DIY / Authors of Pain / Revival segment, changes to SAnitY and a fun match against No Way Jose and Rich Swann, a questionable move adding a third man to the announce team, the announcement of a # 1 and a fired up Full Sail crowd; a not-so fired up SmackDown crowd; Floyd’s take on ROH’s Final Battle; and our Top 5 Matches of 2016.

Listen here.

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