ATR # 25: Brock Lesnar Kills a Car; Titus O’Neil Owns JBL; Adam Cole Face Turn?

This week on Around the Ring we discuss a lackluster Raw that had three great segments to end the show: Brock Lesnar destroying a car, Titus O’Neil destroying JBL on commentary, and Cena/Cesaro 2; Battleground predictions; how the WWE is a great example of everything that is wrong with corporate America;  a mediocre NXT with Charlotte and Sasha Banks reuniting, Solomon Crowe looking beyond unimpressive, and The Vaudevillians becoming # 1 contenders for the NXT Tag Titles; a fun edition of ROH highlighted by the tease of an Adam Cole face turn; and a great episode of Lucha Underground along with updates on a season two.

Listen here.

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ATR Episode 25 07-13-15

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